LAM Lactation Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

What Is LAM? 
LAM is a way that breastfeeding can be used to help prevent pregnancy. Lactation means your body is making
breast milk. Amenorrhea means having no monthly period.

(perancangan keluarga melalui penyusuan susu ibu)

Does It Work?
Each year, 2 out of every 100 women get pregnant while using LAM as a method of birth control.

(2 dalam 100 akan pregnant..kihkih..dalam setahun laa)

How Is It Used?
LAM may be a good choice for you only when:
Your baby is fully or nearly fully breastfed. This means no more than 2 mouthfuls a day of juice,
water, or other foods.

Your baby does not go more than 4 hours between breastfeeding during the day.

Your baby does not go more than 6 hours between breastfeeding during the night.

Your monthly periods have not returned.

Your baby is under 6 months of age.

What Are The Advantages?
No added hormones that could affect the amount or quality of breast milk.

It is a method that can work very well for a short period of time (up to 6 months) after the birth of
your baby.

No birth control supplies needed.

It is convenient and does not interrupt sex.
Things To Think About:

You will need to begin another method of birth control if:
– you begin your monthly periods
– your baby is more than 6 months old or is no longer fully breastfed
– your baby goes longer than 4 hours during the day or 6 hours at night between breastfeedings

Some women may find it difficult to feed their baby at specific times, especially during the night.

There is no protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Use a condom if you have more than one
sexual partner.

You may not be aware that a pregnancy has happened because ovulation can take place before you restart
your menstrual periods.

If you are using the LAM you should not need Emergency Contraception (EC).
However, if you:
– have restarted your periods
– give supplements to your baby
EC may be needed, and is available within 5 days of unprotected sex or failure of a birth control device
or condom. (For more information on EC talk to your doctor or nurse)

If you are breastfeeding, there are 2 types of EC pills that are commonly used: Ovral and Plan B
Sexual Decision Making

You have the right to choose to have sexual intercourse or not.

If you choose to have sex be sure to protect yourself from pregnancy and STIs.

Talk to your partner about these choices before you have sex!

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